About Us

The department conducts following community relief programs such as providing relief services to minimize the suffering of unfavorable ways of elders, disabled, diseases and aging people in the north western province and to help them.

« Rehabilitate disable persons and to provide tools for them

« Provide relief facilities and other required protection for elders

« Conducting counseling facilities

« Provide housing donations under “pilisaraniya” housing scheme

« Pre School and Vocational Training Center for disable children

« Children’s scholarship programs for disrupted families

« Provide public donations, disease donations and casual reliefs to low income families

« Rehabilitate drug abuse persons

« Provide monthly disease allowance and conducting counseling and rehabilitation programs for families suffer from

Thalasemia, Cancers, Tuberculosis and Leprosy

« The Department also provides donations for self employments to strengthen the economic status of the rural community


Last Update :-

1st Sep 2023