Services Supplied for disabled persons

Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme for Disabled Persons

Ø Objective: - To make the disability as evidence not an obstacle for the Economic Development.

Eligible Persons

v To be a widower below 50 years who is receiving the Public Assistance and could not attend for any work because of having disabled children with school going children.

v A woman who has left by the husband because of the disability of the children or could not attend for any work because of having disabled children.

v Although presently obtaining Public Assistances an active disabled person below 60 years who could work to look after the family.

v A disabled person who is having a low income of Rs.2000/= with an intention to run a small business by using surrounding resources.

Grants Afford Work Procedure

v According to above shown under the Public Assistances Rehabilitation Scheme.

v Rs.10000/= will be paid in two installments.

v An industry comfortable for the area such as Fishing Trade or Animal Husbandry, Sewing Clothes could be selected for this purpose.

(06) Services being supplied from the Provincial Department of Social Services

to the Disabled Persons.

Ø Objective: - To bring forth the Manipulating Skills and the Ability to work with other people of the Society and also to minimize the disability of the disabled persons.

Equipments being supplied

v Wheel Chairs

v Tricycles.

v Crutches.

v Hand Crutches.

v Calipers (Special Shoes)

v Artificial Hands / Legs.

v Spectacles

v Eye Lenses

v Hearing Equipments.

Method to be supplied

v Disabled persons who are having a monthly income below Rs.3000/= will be eligible to receive this assistance.

v It is compulsory to submit a Medical Certificate certified by the Medical Practitioner from the disabled person about the expected equipment on the base of the sickness.

For examples:

1. Eye inspected report for the necessity of force amount of Spectacles.

2. Eye inspected report for the necessity of force amount of eye lenses.

3. Audibility report for hearing equipments.

4. Reports of medical recommendations according to the suitability of each and every other equipment.

v Request receivable to the G.S.N. with medical recommendations report of the necessary equipment for the disabled person should be concentrated to the Divisional Secretariat with his recommendations.

v Request received to the Divisional Secretariat will be sent to the Social Services Officer for his recommendation.

v After the inspection of the disabled person and the request by the Social Services Officer, his recommendation will be sent through the specimen No.NWP/SS/03 (1) to the Divisional Secretariat.

v Application with the recommendation of Divisional Secretary will be concentrated to the Provincial Office of Social Services.

v Provincial Office of Social Services will be sent the relevant documents with the equipment to hand over to the correct person.

v After handing over the equipment to the correct person the receipt will be sent by the Divisional Secretariat to the Provincial Director Office of Social Services.

v SSO should be confirmed from Field inspections that the receivable person is using the equipment properly.

v If the person is not using commonly used equipment varieties should be taken over and could be issued to a person needs the same necessities on pending approval of the Provincial Directors Office of the Social Services.

Other Services

v Self Profession Grants.

v Skills Development Centers to the disabled children of pre childhood.

v Pre Vocational Training Centers for disabled children.

v Mental Health Clinic Program associated with Hospitals.

v Mental Health Clinic Program associated with Skills Development Professional Training.

v Concentrated to Home Custody.

v Payments of Capitation Grants and Maintenance for Hostels.

v Concentrated of disabled children to Assisted Schools and Payments of Capitation Grants and Maintenance.

v Concentrated to Vocational Training.

v Assistance for preparation of Entrance Facilities.

Self Professional Grants

Income Generating Activities of above (05) under the Grant Object is illustrated through the Disability Rehabilitation Scheme for Disabled Persons.

Mental Health Clinic Program associated with Hospitals

Ø Objective: - Mind Development of Persons who are taking Treatments from Mental Health Clinics.

Work Procedure

v Recognition of the condition of the families concentrated to the Social Services Officer from the Mental Health Clinics.

v Contribution for treatment person to build up a suitable environment within the family.

v If necessary to grant a Public Assistance / Rehabilitation Assistance.

v Continuous Supervision.

Mental Health Clinic Program associated Skills Development / Professional Training

Ø Objective: - Arranging opportunities for the treatment person to be independent within the society.

Work Procedure

v To be taken for trainings across the clinics on the base of the Mental Level of the treatment person.

v Basic facilities to be supplied for this.

v To lend Self Professional Assistances to the trainees across the Clinics.

Admittance of disabled persons to the Homes

Ø Objective: - Provisions for Protection and Nourishment by making arrangements for a suitable environment to unhelpful disabled persons.

v A disabled person without parents below 35 years / because of various difficulties could not maintain within the family.

Work Procedure

v About such person written request could be make to the G.S.N. of the residing area.

v G.S.N. should send the request stating the Disability and Family information of the person related on accommodation home

v Social Services Officer should report to the Divisional Secretary through specimen NWP/SS/03(2) after inspecting the request personally.

v With the recommendation of the Divisional Secretary, relevant specimen should be concentrated to the Provincial Director of Social Services. (By the Officer of the Subject.)

v Children concentrated to Homes Convenient for residential protection will be done by the Provincial Office of the Social Services.

v If obtained a public assistance will be suspended after the admission to the Home.


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Under mentioned equipments will be handed over freely by the North Western Provincial Director of Social Services to low income receiving disabled persons

on various reasons of the North Western Province.

v Artificial Legs.

v Artificial Hands.

v Wheel Chairs.

· Children Wheel Chairs.

· Elders Wheel Chairs.

· Commode Wheel Chairs.

v Tricycles.

· Children Tricycles.

· Elders Tricycles.

v Hearing Equipments.

· Wears behind the ear.

· Wears in the pocket.

v Hand Crutches / Crutches.

v White Cane.

v Calipers Shoes.

v Spectacles.

Procedure to be carried out by the Clients who needs to get the above equipments,

01. An Application of North Western Provincial Department of Social Service No. NWPS/SS/03(1) to be received by the Applicant from Social Service Officers or G.S.N. of the relevant Divisional Secretariat.

02. Applicant should complete the above Application with information under No. 6.12 and should be certified by the relevant G.S.N. of the area.

03. Submit a request letter stating the relevant necessity.

04. Medical Certificate from a Government Medical Practitioner certifying the disabled position.

05. If needs hearing equipment should submit a chart on hearing system.

06. Application Form No. NWPS/SS/03(1) certified by the G.S.N. with the Request letter and Medical Certificates should submit to the Social Service Officer or the Program Officer (Social Services) of the Applicant belonging Divisional Secretariat.

Work procedure to be obtained on relevant services after the above work process of the Applicant.

01. After inspecting the Application submitted by the Applicant and clarifying entered information by a field inspection from No.02 to No.05 should be completed.

02. If the Applicants request is true Social Services Officers recommendation should be given.

03. With the recommendation of the Divisional Secretary the Application and the relevant information should submit to the Department of Social Services.

04. This Application should submit to the Head Quarters Social Service Officer for his recommendation.

05. Such Application to be submitted to the Provincial Director of Social Services for the approval.


06. If the approval been granted by the Provincial Director the equipment of disable will be handed over to the relevant Divisional Secretariat.


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Disabled Position of the recruited Children

At first recruitments were made on all disabled position children except visual disabled children. Later for these children, on the base of Resource Centers situated far from relevant areas and the disagreeable of the Parents to keep these children alone it is commenced to recruit these children to the Centers within this area.

01. Children of Intellectual Deficiency.

02. Children of Motor Regression.

03. Children of Otisum Position.

04. Children of Hearing Deficiency.

05. Children of Learning Deficiency.

06. Children of Epilepsy Sickness.

07. Children of Multiple Disorders.

08. Children of Visual Disabled.

Procedure of recruitment of Children

Special Care Needs children admitted on the age of 02 years for the 19 centers of the North Western Province. Children will be recognized across the Family Health Services Officers who serves in the Regional Health Service Offices and the under mentioned children will be recruited  through recognizing them by the Social Services Officer and the Program Assistant (Social Services) of the relevant Divisional Secretariat.

I. Child’s educational matters will be decided after obtaining information through an interview conducted regarding the child and the guardians and from the Intellectual Improvement Note.

Firstly children will be prepared on necessity to the class1of the Formal School, and if it is not possible to admittance being given as such, children after 06 years of age up to 16 years will be concentrated to a Pre Vocational Training Course.  Through this, it is an exercising way related to children on Kinetic Activity Development and Social Adaptation Process. After that from 16 years of age up to 18 years of them will be concentrate to a formal Vocational Training Course. Later according to the Program of Self Employment Assistances jointly rendered by the relevant Department will be given the grants to children of skills practiced up to two years and cross examined will be done through the Social Services Officer.

Education given for Children  - of 02 years up to 06 years.

Whenever re-habilitation commenced for children education will be given for them on the suitable way.

Educational matters will be done as under mentioned.

Ø Conviction being given about own self and surrounding environmental.

Ø Fine Kinetic Abilities Development.

Ø Gross Kinetic Abilities Development.

Ø Recognition of Colors.

Ø Information related to Personal Health.

Ø Dining Table Manners.

Ø Home Activities.

Ø Money Activities.

Ø Travelling Activities.

Ø Entertainment Activities.

Ø Community Relations.

Ø Religious Moral Activities.

Ø Language Ability and Vocational Skills.

Pre Vocational Talents Development Activities – of year 06 to year 16

Children could not concentrate for formal schools kept in these centers and the activities of pre-vocational such as the necessity of kinetic abilities development of the child will be done. It will get more period for skills development of the child. On this period education will be given for the children to be a healthy and societal child with suitable to the vocational training level.

Vocational Skills Development Activities – of year 06 to year 16

At this stage the child who got pre education will be engaged to produce by using equipments with developing the kinetic abilities. After studied the course for two years and on the relevant skills got by them will be concentrated to done future activities according to the Self Grant System.

The children who are in effective level for develop significant skills will be concentrated to the Technical College of their area and Seeduwa Rehabilitation Centre and Ketawala Usage Centre. When the children come to earn an income will be contributed to the Social Assurance (Security) Pension Salary Scheme.

At Present Vocational Skills implemented as under mentioned.

01. Hand Crafts Designs.

02. Sewing Courses.

03. Wick Twisting.

04. Making Brooms & Besoms.

05. Making Beads Necklaces.

06. Cloth Bag Designs.

07. Computer Courses.

08. Door Mats (String & Cloth)

09. Flower Pots.

10. Gardening.

11. Elaborative Equipments Designs.

12. Paintings.

Special Programs

With accordance to the significant likeness of Special needs Children, under mentioned programs started in several schools. At this time it has been noticed that these programs being helpful to quickened cheerful and rehabilitation activity of children.

Ø Musical Programs.

Ø Dancing Programs.

Ø Arts.

Ø Computer Programs.

Services accomplished for the Families associated with Special Needs children

Ø Parents Attitude Development.

Ø Mental Counseling.

Ø Giving Housing Grants. (Concentrate to the Accommodation Housing Program of the Ministry).

Ø Grant of Scholarships.

Ø Group Produces.

Ø Rehabilitation programs to be conducted to the children in Home Level.

(Knowledge will be given by going to their homes.)

Accomplishment of Physical Resources for the Centers.

Ø Giving all equipments to the children necessary for studies.

Ø Giving Uniforms.

Ø Giving all equipments necessary for Play Grounds.

Ø Construction Activities.

Co-ordination with other Institutions.

Ø To affiliate with Psycho Therapists released from JICA & KOICA Institutions to work voluntarily for two years.

Ø To affiliate with Regional Health Institutions.


Ø To affiliate with Formal Schools.


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