01.  Secure and welfare of Enhanced Elders

1.  Hostels for unsecure elders with enhanced facilities

2.  Training, Counseling with spiritual development

02.  Facilitated Educational and employment training opportunities for special needy persons

1.  Special needy persons with skills under developed facilities

2.  Self reawakening disabled persons

03.  Qualitative relief services for poor and helpless persons

1.  Poor and helpless persons who provide required relief services and equipments

2.  Poor and helpless persons who provide financial assistance

04.  Hostels and Vocational training centers with fully enhanced facilities

1.  Enhanced Hostels

2.  Enhanced vocational training centers for disabled children

3.  Enhanced elders day care centers

05.  Qualitative rehabilitations for disabled persons

1.  Institutional base rehabilitated disabled persons

2.  Community base rehabilitated disable persons

06.  Aware beneficiaries and officers of quality service and counseling

1.  Officers with knowledge

2.  Beneficiaries who solve problems by themselves with counseling

07.  Good Governance

1.  Institute which provide effective and efficiency service for beneficiaries

2.  Institute with effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation system

Last Update :-

1st Jan 2023