Public Assistance

Public Assistance Payment

Activating (Work) Procedure.

I. Applicant should submit his request to the G.S.N. or to the Divisional Secretariat stating the necessity.

II. G.S.N should issue the Specimen NWP/SSP/B01 to the applicant. (If it is not possible to complete the Specimen by the applicant G.S.N should support him.)

III. After receiving the duly completed above specimen from the applicant, G.S.N should entered in the relevant register and the Specimen NWP/SSP/B02 completed by G.S.N with the above Specimen should be given to the Divisional Secretary.

IV. Particulars of the Specimen should be entered in Register of Public Assistances (SSA12) by the officer of the subject and it should be handed over to the    Social Services Officer for his recommendation.

V. Social Services Officer should meet the relevant person and after inspecting the family information and particulars shown in the Specimen with his recommendation NWP/SSP/B01 Specimen should be handed over to the Divisional Secretary.

VI. Officer of the subject should submit the Specimen to the Divisional Secretary for the approval.

VII. Approved request should be entered in the expectant list on suitable receivers of assistances mentioned in the Register (SSA 34).

VIII. Considering the balances of the Allocated Funds the name should be entered in the Payment Register of Public Assistances.

IX. Social Services Officer should issue the Payment Card with the specimen signature of the relevant named person of Assistances certified by the G.S.N or the SSO signed by the Divisional Secretary to get the money from the Post Offices.

X. Officer of the subject should make preparations to send the money across the specified Post Offices from the immediate (next) month.

Re-Observation of the Public Assistances Receivables

v Back inspection should be done on all Public Assistances Receivables of G.S.N Divisions in every year. Especially attention should be given for the families included the persons of above 60 years and children below 16 years. To report about the differences Specimen of Re-Observation (NWP/SS/01B) can be used. Positional and Alert Inspection will be done by the Social Services Officer regarding those particulars. Recommendation for amendments should be submitted by the Social Services Officer to the Divisional Secretary for approval.


v If these assistances have not be taken for three times continuously payments for those persons will be suspended temporarily and if there is no any re-request this allowance will be completely stopped. Assistances amount not taken in the earlier month could not be taken on next month as arrears.

v Assistances amount will not be paid for the hospitalized period. Government leads expenditure for this person within that period.

Payment of Public Assistance to the Domestic Technicians of Visual Disability

v After completing the Training from the Vocational Training Centers of Seeduwa and Waththegama and monthly allowance of Rs.300/= receivable persons who qualifies and  serves as domestic technicians up to now will be paid Rs. 1500/= from 01.02.2013 by increasing the amount.

v List of the Persons owns this Assistance has been sent by the Director of Social Services earlier and accordingly this allowance of Rs.1500/= was paid.

v Payment Procedure is applicable to the Public Assistance Payment System.

v Particulars of Identity, Training and Training Period could be getting from the Superintendant of Seeduwa Vocational Training Institute.

(1) Diseases Assistance System

Ø Objective: - To give assistance to the people who could not look after the health, the nutrition and the dependants with accordance to the economical difficulties arisen by the disease.

· Diseases Assistances to be Paid

1. Tuberculosis Assistance.      - Rs.450/= - Rs. 700/=

2. Leprosy Assistance              - Rs.450/= - Rs. 700/=

3. Cancer Assistance                - Rs.750/= - Rs.1000/=

4. Thelaseemiya Assistance     - Rs.1000/=

5. Special Medical Assistance – Rs.10000/=

· Applicable Persons for Assistances

Ø Should own a certified Medical Certificate stated that suffered from relevant sickness.

Ø A person of low income below Rs.3000/=.

Ø A person could not earn due to disease and a money need person to get continuous treatments successfully.

Ø A person not getting any Assistance from an object of the Government Treasury.

· Method of Diseases Assistance Payment

1. Monthly Payment for external patients,

(For Tuberculosis & Leprosy Assistance)

i. If the chief occupant of the family is an external patient - Rs.450/=

ii. First dependant  (Wife)                                                    -  Rs.100/=

iii. Each person of any dependant                                     -  by Rs. 50/=

Maximum Assistance Payment can be made              - Rs.700/=

Only for the patient of Thelaseemiya patients                       - Rs.1000/=

Only for the patient recommended for Special Diseases          - Rs.500/=

For Cancer patients                                 from Rs.750/= up to Rs.1000/=

v Except the chief occupant of receiving Medical Assistance and any other member suffering from above, could be obtained this allowance only for one person if  he / she certified by Medical Certificates.

v Medical Assistance obtained family members are not eligible for Public Assistance.

v Within the treatment period should not attended to the works that Doctors has advised not to be done.

2. Monthly payments for internal patients

i. Payments will not be done for the patient.

ii. First Dependant                                                              - Rs.100/=

iii. Each person of any  dependant                                  - by Rs. 50/=

Maximum Assistance can be paid                                 - Rs.300/=

Ø The payment will be suspended for the persons who are receiving Public Assistances until including them to the Diseases Assistance system.

Ø Medical Assistances will be paid only for the recommended period.

Tuberculosis once for 03 months

Leprosy once for 06 months

According to the sickness position the recommended period included in the Medical Certificate can be deferred. At that time with accordance to the observation of the Social Service Officer and the approval of the Divisional Secretary, Medical Assistances will be paid again for the relevant valid period.

Treated as dependants,

i. Wife (chief dependant).

ii. Children below 16 years.

iii. Family and the living parents of the Husband or Wife.

iv. Physically / Mentally disabled elder children living with the family.

If the persons mentioned in iii & iv did not lived with the family, at Least for last six months will not be treated as dependants for the payment of this Allowance. Ladies and Widowers can be treated as the chief occupant when they are not getting an allowance of the husband, if the husband is suffering from a disease cannot be cured and on a reason of committed in Prison.


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