Medical Assistance

Payments of Disease Assistance

Activating (Work) Procedure

1. Patient should hand over a request letter with the appropriate Medical Certificate to the G.S.N of the Division where he / she lived.

Specified Medical Certificates

Ø Medical Certificate issued by the relevant specimen SS/TB/M1 from the Medical Officer of the Chest Clinic Unit regarding to the Tuberculosis Disease.

Ø Medical Certificate issued by the Public Health Inspector of the Anti Leprosy Unit regarding to the Leprosy Disease.

Ø Medical Certificate issued by the relevant specimen made under the instructions of Gen Circular 1604 dated 16.08.1989 from a Medical Officer of the Cancer Hospital and from the Cancer Units attached to Kandy, Kurunegala and Anuradhapura Hospitals regarding to the Cancer Disease.

Ø Medical Certificate issued by the Medical Officer of the Unit attached to the Thelaseemiya Unit of General Hospitals regarding to the Thelaseemiya disease.

Ø Medical Certificate issued by the Medical Officer of the Special Disease Unit of the hospital that patient having treatment regarding to the Special Disease.

2. G.S.N should submit the request of the patient with the Medical Certificate to the Divisional secretariat.

3. If it is not submitted the relevant Medical Certificate it should bring the exact Certificate with the Application and it should be submitted to the Divisional Secretary.

4. Officer of the subject at the Divisional Secretariat should note the application in the relevant Register and by the orders of the Divisional Secretary to get the recommended report application should hand over to the Social Services Officer.

5. Social Services Officer will be inspected the information by entering to the home of the patient and his recommended report by relevant specimens (For Tuberculosis & Leprosy NWP/SS/1 specimen, For Cancer & Thelaseemiya Assistances NWP/SS/02 specimen, For Special Diseases the specimen given by the Ministry of Social Welfare) will be handed over to the Divisional Secretary,

6. Approval should be taken from the Divisional Secretary for the Assistances related to Tuberculosis & Leprosy diseases. (By the officer of the subject.)

7. Considering the balances of allocated amount Applicants name to be included in the Payment Register.

8. Issuing of the Card to the Assistance receivable person and the payments through Post Offices will be done by the Divisional Secretariat.

9. If there is no Allocated Funds it should be taken the funds immediately addressing the Provincial Office of the Social Services. (For Diseases Assistances necessary allocations will be issued.)

10. Payments will be made for Cancers, Thelaseemiya and Special Diseases by the Provincial Office of Social Services and relevant requests should be sent to Provincial Director of Social Services with recommendation made by the Divisional Secretary on the report of the Social Services Officer by relevant specimen NWP/SS/02, Medical Certificates and the Signature Certified Card.

11. Approved Cards to the Person of Assistances and the funds to the Post Offices will be sent by the Provincial Office of the Social Services. It will be notified to the patient related Divisional Secretariat. If presently obtaining Public Assistances instructions will be sent to the Divisional Secretariat to cancel that Assistance.

12. Every payment cards (NWP/SS/05 specimen) will be valid for three years and Public Assistances, Tuberculosis & Leprosy cards will be renewed across the divisional Secretariat and Cancers, Thelaseemiya & Special diseases Cards will be renewed across the Provincial Director Office of Social Services.

13. G.S.N should confirm the existence of the Assistance receivable person is living & taking further treatments and a placement inspection by the Social service Officer renewal should be recommended.

14. On every six months Social Service Office should search about the persons of Assistances receivable.



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