Casual Assistance

Payments of Casual Reliefs

Ø Objective: - It is expected by the Casual Reliefs that only to avoid destroy and destitute on a sudden emergency and not about improving the living condition.

This is a grant allowance that given to a person to avoid the destroy & destitute by non avoidance could be made on small scale natural disaster or on such incident destroying any tools & instruments used for the livelihood industry.

For examples:-

Twisting houses by the Wind

Breaking houses by the Rain

Burning roofs by the Fire

Breaking house by a fallen tree

Assistance Amount to be Paid

v According to the nature of the Harm on the base of the valuation to a maximum amount of Rs.10000/= for a house.

v When it decides about the valuation of the harm for a house valuation of Furniture, Clothes or any other items of the house hold should not be taken in to consideration.

v After submitting the receipts for kitchen Equipments and for professional tools it can be paid under a maximum amount of Rs.500/= for kitchen equipments and Rs.1000/= for professional tools will be paid.

v It is not considered as complete loss settlement. It is expected that, loss will be minimized by giving assistance to the person.

Eligible to be Applied

v Broken house is owned by the Applicant and he resides of that house.

v No any other place except the broken house.

v Monthly Income is below Rs.3000/=.

v Damage being happened for a payment of Assistance.

v If any Assistance not received will be destitute.

Consideration on Nonpayment of Assistances

v House ownership is not with the applicant.

v Applicant has another house suitable for living.

v It’s not a resided house.

v It’s a forsaken house.

v It’s under the category of worshipped places, Trade Stalls, Business Places and Resting Halls.

v An unauthorized residing Place.

v A House of Rent & Lease.

v A house being damaged & harmed by someone.

v Not a cottage or house of watchers.

v Not reported within the 06 months of the harm happened.

Work Procedure of the amount paid as Assistance

i. The person of the loss should be notify to the G.S.N of the own division. (If the damage by Fire Police Report should be existed.)

ii. Through specimen NWP/SS/04 G.S.N should report to the Divisional Secretary.

iii. Divisional Secretary should hand over the specimen form to the

Social Services Officer for recommendation.

iv. Placement inspection will be done by the Social Services Officer and the valuation of the loss with the recommendation of him will be handed over to the Divisional Secretary.

v. Relevant specimen after recommended by the Divisional Secretary should be sent to the Provincial Department of Social Services.

vi. Provincial Director of Social Services should hand over the report to Head Quarters Officers of Social Services for placement inspection.

This will stands on the valuation price.

vii. After the placement inspection his recommendation by the Head Quarters Officers of Social Services will be given to the Provincial

Director Social Services.

viii. Provincial Director of Social Services will approve the Payment of the amount.

ix. Referred to the officer of the subject - To bring out the Vouchers of

NWP/SS/09 & specimen form of General 143 for approved amounts

and should be sent to the relevant Divisional Secretariats by preparing

the cheques.

x. After receiving the cheques Divisional Secretariats should sent the

receipts of cash receivable to the Provincial Department of Social


xi. Social Services Officer should aware about the receivable reliefs and

It should be noted in the Register.

xii. It should be informed to the person of Assistance receivable and by

Confirmation of the identity of the amount should be paid. (Through

the Divisional Secretariats)

xiii. Paid Vouchers should be sent to the Provincial Department of Social

Services within a week. (If not received it should bring through the

Provincial Office.)

xiv. Social Service Officer should observed whether the damaged house

renovated and if not done it should be notified to the paid person to

repay the amount immediately. They will be neglected for any other


xv. When paying installments, only if satisfied about the completed

Constructions from the paid installment, recommendation could be

given to the Divisional Secretary to pay the installments of Second

and Third. .

xvi. If completed or at least building materials have been supplied by the

Received installment were not been done to the satisfactory level

Recommendations will not be given for balance installments.

xvii. For the payment of second and third installments on the base of the

Recommendations of the SSO by specimen voucher NWP/SS/09 &

The specimen form General 143 Divisional Secretary will be sent his

Recommendation to the Provincial Director Social Services.

xviii. Provincial Director of Health Services will be given his approval for

Payments and the cheques will be sent to Divisional Secretariats.

xix. Other particulars will be similar to x, xi, xii, xiii as given in the Work


Assistances paid on Crops Abandoned by the Wild Elephants

Only if it is the relevant cultivation of the living profession of the applicant and the balance cultivation & other income of he is not sufficient for the livelihood until the picking of harvest next time Assistances for crop abandoned by wild elephants can be considered.

v It is considered to pay an Assistance by maximum amount of Rs.20000/= per Acre for the food crop cultivation which abandoned by wild elephants.

v Allocated Funds for this Assistance related to the food crop cultivation which abandoned by wild elephants could be obtained from the Ministry of Distress Relied Services, No.189, Galle Road, Colombo 03 after applying it across the District Secretary.

Eligibility to obtain Assistances

v Cultivation must be a legal ownership of the Applicant.

v Cultivation could not be covered by a prevailing Insurance System.

v That is a short periodically Crop and other economical Crop.

v Disaster aggravating and if Assistance not be given tendency to be destitute.

v Should be a person obtaining income below Rs.3000/=. (Eligible for Public Assistance.)

v Should be a person of Farmers who have the personal ownership of the land.

v Here before not applied for compensation on crop abandoned by wild elephants.

(Considered for Assistances only for maximum of one acre)

Method of obtaining the Assistances

i. Crop abandoned by wild elephants should be informed to the G.S.N. of the area within 48 hours after the incident.

ii. Application for crop abandoned by wild elephants should be filled by the G.S.N. and should be sent to the Divisional Secretary with his recommendation.

iii. Divisional Secretary called upon the report of G.S.N.

iv. After that the report will be concentrated to the SSO for his recommendation.

v. After inspected and recommendation given by the SSO Divisional Secretary should be recommended. (If it is an aggravating harm personal supervision must be done by the Divisional Secretary.)

vi. After that the application should be concentrated to the Provincial Director of Social Services.

vii. On the base of the valuation of reported harm if relevant, Provincial Director will concentrate it to the Head Quarters Social Services Officer for his recommendation.

viii. After the recommendation of the Head Quarters Social Services Officer / On the base of the valuation of reported harm Provincial Director of Social Services will be approved the relevant applications.

(04) Housing Grants

i. Harm occurred from an electricity infiltration.

ii. Harm occurred from a lightening drastic blow.

iii. Harm occurred from a bomb blast.

Payment System of Housing Grants

1. Confirmation of that the relevant housing damages occurred on above three formations. ( Police Reports, Electricity Bills)

2. Confirmation that the ownership of the house belongs to the Applicant.

3. Confirmation of permanent residence or a small trade place with residing.

4. Payments will be made according to the loss amount.

5. Maximum payment is Rs.20000/=.

6. More consideration will be given for the families who are having the monthly income below Rs.5000/=.

v Grants For lives

i. Harm for the life by above three formations.

ii. Completely Impotence under the above ii & iii circumstances.

iii. Half Impotence under the above ii & iii circumstances.

iv. Normal Impotence under the above ii & iii circumstances.

For lives

v Confirmation should be given by the Death Certificate / Medical Report that relevant life harm occurred from an infiltration of Electricity or an otherwise from a drastic blow of lightening.

v This amount could be obtained after confirming the relationship as Spouse of the dead person or if there is no Spouse as the chief dependent.

On an Impotence

v Complete impotence by lightening drastic & bomb blasts, Half Impotence or Normal Impotence should be confirmed by the Medical Report.

v According to the confirmation made by the Medical Report

On a Complete impotence 80%

On a Half Impotence 50%

On a Normal Disability 25% payment from the relevant amount will be paid to the harmed person.

In this case relevant all particulars should be completed by the usage of the specimen introduced through the letter No.NWP/5/B5/5/03 dated 01.12.2004 of the Secretary of the Ministry of Social, Welfare, Probation & Child Care and Electricity & Housing Construction and following the methodology used for Assistances methods, the completed specimen should be concentrated to the Special Compensation Committee of the Provincial Office of the Social Services.

Special Compensation Committee will be held on Wednesday of third week of every month and if the applications are being sent promptly amounts could be paid without any delay.

As mentioned earlier amounts will be paid after receiving the relevant vouchers or cards with vouchers across the Provincial Office of the Social Services for the applications approved by the Special Compensation Committee.




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